It should come as no surprise that lifestyle imagery is one of the most enduring and popular categories in stock photography. As viewers, we relate to the spectrum of emotions found in these compositions: joy and enthusiasm, frustration and heartache. No wonder than that scenes with an authentic aesthetic—imperfect, un-posed, and approachable—are in demand with viewers the world over.

Fresh Lifestyle Trends: The Report

85 Nature Escapes
42-47770589 | © Zack Seckler/Corbis

Nature Escape

Nature serves as the ultimate antidote to the noise, congestion, pollution, and traffic associated with city living.

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234 great ways to stimulate the senses
42-46301019 | © Jordan Siemens/Corbis

Sensory Stimulation

Taste, smell, and touch take a backseat in the virtual world, leaving us craving more tangible experiences.

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Get to know JOMO
42-52052393 | © Christian Brecheis/Corbis

JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out)

Make the sanity-saving choice to opt out of emails, social media, and other time-sucking daily distractions.

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73 expert tips to relieve stress


We’re adopting more holistic approaches to health that emphasise happiness and emotional wellness.

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42-47134380 | © Geo Rittenmyer/Corbis

Permanent plug-in

In our tech centric life, geographies and time zones are no longer impediments as 24/7 media access becomes the norm.

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42-51045658 | © Tim Pannell/Corbis

Mounting Stress

With busy becoming our default setting, unstructured time and stress reduction have become top priorities.

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42-51704537 | © Zack Seckler/Corbis

Mindful Living

You are here. Mindfulness has gone mainstream as more people strive to approach life in a present and conscious way.

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42-46588822 | © Lynn Christiansen/Corbis

Youth Movement

The young make up nearly half the global population. Life expectancy will allow elderly populations to double in size over the next 25 years.

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A feel for the real
42-49439700 | © Jim Hughes/Corbis


Wary of mass-produced, manipulated, and polished marketing messages, consumers crave the authenticity of the imperfect.

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9 new faces of family
42-51537576 | © Chris Crisman/Corbis

Shifting roles, evolving definitions

Today’s families come in all different shapes, sizes, and compositions, creating a demand for images that reflect the change.

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