The headline-making corporate scandals, economic instability, and wars of recent years have awakened a growing desire for authenticity. As a result, truth and meaning have started to take a more prominent role in our day-to-day lives. The Real Time photography collection and research report captures this global trend in honest, everyday moments that resonate with us all.

Real Time: The Report

A global shift in values has been underway for more than a decade as we’ve increasingly focused our attention on a search for truth and meaning. In the wake of war, corporate scandals, and economic instability, our need for greater disclosure and transparency has awakened a growing desire for reality and authenticity at every turn, from the information we consume to the visuals we encounter.

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Trends - Red Headed Girl with a Morning Cup of Tea
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Our need for authenticity has resulted in a growing appreciation for visuals that accurately reflect the everyday moments and people in our lives.

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Trends - Young woman dancing at wedding reception
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More fashion and beauty magazines regularly feature unconventionally attractive models, public figures, and actresses on their covers and within their pages.

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Smiles and sunny depictions of life are fine, but right now a darker view of reality may be what resonates with society.

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Our acceptance of mass-culture aesthetics and pre-packaged style continues to diminish, replaced by a personal identity derived from one’s heritage, peers, experiences, and online persona.

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Trends - Father with Infant Daughter
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The “New Normal” is how experts have described an era of slow growth and limited optimism that has altered our behaviour and psyches.

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To effectively communicate, it’s important to embrace a more realistic approach to imagery, moving away from the static, idealized stereotypes common in stock photography.

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