The Millennials wield a powerful influence on culture. Tech-savvy, socially networked, with unprecedented diversity, today’s youth are growing up in a world that’s rapidly changing. And as you’ll see, the future belongs to them.

Under 21: The Report

Global youth culture is on the rise. Nearly half of the world’s population is now under the age of twenty-five and within fifteen years half will be twenty-one or younger. Comprising more than 1.7 billion consumers worldwide, today’s youth cohort—dubbed everything from the "Millennial Generation" to "Generation Y," "Echo Boomers," "Gen We," and "The Net Generation" — is already larger than the Baby Boomer Generation and three times the size of Generation X. While demographers and marketers have yet to agree upon a single term that encompasses this massive wave of youth—and definitions continue to vary by source—they're loosely defined as those under twenty-one years of age. Today, 67 countries around the world are experiencing a "youth bulge" where more than 30% of the population consists of children and young adults. Together these kids, teens and tweens control or influence over $200 billion in spending each year and will soon hold the reins of the global economy.

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The Millennial Generation is larger than the Baby Boomer Generation and 3x the size of Generation X.

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Children born today will never know a time before mobile phones or the Internet.

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Teens and tweens influence more than $200 billion in spending each year.

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25% of all kids in the US are raised by single parents.

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One in three children age 6 to 11 fears the planet simply won’t exist when they grow up.

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